Umina Beach Public School

Soar High

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Positive Behaviour For Learning

At Umina Beach Public School, students and teachers have adopted an evidenced based approach to behaviour management by incorporating the school wide system of Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL).

PBL aims to explicit teach behaviours and expectations in a systematic and supportive manner. Our system aims to provide support for appropriate student behaviour, improved positive interactions and high student engagement in all aspects of school life.

Umina Beach Public School endorse the values set by the DEC. To create and maintain equitable expectations the school rules; Act Safely, Be Cooperative, Care for All and Do Your Best (ABCD) are promoted across all school settings. PBL lessons have worked to support students with gaining a deep understanding of the expected behaviours.

This year we trialled new rewards for our students achieving the expected quota of Super Soarer stickers. This was seen to have a positive effect with 81.8% of 422 students surveyed see the changes as positive.

Throughout the year a weekly PBL focus was communicated to staff and students. PBL lessons were taught to students.