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Religion and ethics

NSW schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics. Approved providers deliver these, where available.

Write to the school if you wish to withdraw your child from special religious education, sometimes known as scripture. Special education in ethics is an option for your primary-age child if you withdraw them from special religious education. For more information, visit Religion and ethics.


Please visit the following link for more information about the Special Religious Education (SRE) curriculum - Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay

Special religious education (SRE) is education in the beliefs and practices of an approved religious persuasion by authorised representatives of that persuasion. 

Special education in ethics (SEE) is education in ethical decision making, action and reflection within a secular framework, based on a branch of philosophy. 

Scripture is undertaken by a group of volunteers who come into Umina Beach Public School each Friday to provide students with a basic introduction to religion. These lessons often take the form of short moral stories and activities that provide valuable personal development for the children. 

Special religious education is an integral part of school activities, taking place during school hours and under the jurisdiction of the school. 

The following classes:

Are held on Friday's at the following times:

  • Primary (Years 3-6) 9:25am – 9:55am
  • Infants (Kindergarten, Years 1-2) 10:05am – 10:35am