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BYOD Support

Below are general instructions and tips for assisting students in using BYOD. 

At UBPS, students use Google Classroom which is part of Google's 'G Suite'. These tools are free and supported by the Department of Education. 

Tip - always use Google Chrome browser when using Windows and Mac BYOD devices (free download) 

How to sign in to Google Classroom using a student education account on BYOD Windows and Mac computers - open instructions

How to add a student account to a BYOD Chromebook (this must be done at home) - open instructions

How to sign in to the Chrome browser on my BYOD Windows or Mac laoptop so bookmarks, usernames and passwords sync - open instructions

Tip - if using an iPad, you will need the following free apps - Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slides and Google Sheets. These are all free from the app store.

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